One of a Kind and Limited Edition Pieces

Here you will find art that, while photography based, cannot be exactly reproduced again.  Many are one-of-a-kind pieces and some are very limited editions.  Since these pieces involve photography and custom handwork, none can be reproduced exactly the same.

Welcome to the Magic City

This is a re-work of an iconic photo from the 1930s of Birmingham's long-gone, but not forgotten welcome sign.  The image is printed on brushed aluminum and has been distressed.  The frame is made of varying height aluminum squares.  The image is 36"x24", entire piece measures about 43"x31"

Price: $800

B-17 Flying Fortress Cockpit

This aluminum print floats above a sheet-metal frame and in place with silver hex-head screws.  The black and white print shimmers as the brushed aluminum substrate show throw in many places.  The print has been distressed for an antique feel.  

The image is 36"x24", entire piece measures about 43"x31"

Price: $800

Tree Framed Skyline

The Birmingham skyline is framed between two trees as seen at night from the base of Vulcan, Birmingham's iconic statue standing atop Red Mountain.  The frame has a stone-like texture applied. 

The image is 36"x24", entire piece measures about 43"x31"

Price: $400  SOLD

Seashell and Sand

This 16x24 digitally painted seashell is printed on a a gallery wrapped canvas and mounted in a frame of real sand.  The sand is encapsulated and melded to the frame, but keeps its natural look and feel.  The over all size is about 23x31 inches.

Price : $300

Birmingham Nighttime Skyline

Photographed from atop the Vulcan statue on Red Mountain, this skyline shows much of the downtown area of our city.   This long panorama measures 67 inches by 20 inches (the image is 60"x20") is printed on brushed aluminum to give it a specular look.  The frame is a metallic blue, high-gloss painted MDF board. 

Price: $850  SOLD

Helena Dam on Metal

The dam across Buck Creek in Helena is called the Davidson Dam, but most just refer to it as the Helena Dam.  This long panorama measures 67 inches by 20 inches (the image is 60"x20") is printed on brushed aluminum to give it a specular look.  The frame is a dark, distressed wood.

Price: $850

Carver Theatre (The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame)

The Carver Theatre, now formally known as the Carver Performing Arts Center, is a theater located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. In its days as a motion picture theater, it was best known as a place where African-Americans could see first-run movies; during that time, only whites were allowed in most theaters because of segregation laws.

The Carver is now a live performance venue which seats 527, and is also the home of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.  Located on the corner of Fourth Avenue North and 17th Street North, the Carver was opened in 1935.

This 20x30 inch gallery wrapped canvas is inset in a 3.5 inch frame covered with vintage album covers.  $350

Vulcan Standing

This 5 foot tall image of Birmingham's iconic Vulcan is a canvas gallery wrap set in an inch and a half deep hand-made frame.

Overall size approximately 24"x64"  Image size is 20"x60".  Price $600.00   SOLD

Birmingham Skyline -  Slatted

The evening skyline of Birmingham, Alabama, photographed from Railroad Park and printed on canvas.  The image is divided into four slats and mounted on 3/4 inch boards.

Size is approximately 48"x32".  Cost $450.00   SOLD

Cherub Face of the Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre in Birmingham was built around 1915 as a vaudeville theater and for years was one the crown jewels of the city.  Over the years it was converted to a movie theater and later closed.  Left to decay for many years this beautiful theater never fully lost its grandeur.  As of this writing, renovations are nearing completion and the grand theater will soon be as beautiful as ever.  

Before renovations began I was able to enter the theater several times and make many photos.  One I've always loved is a portrait of one the cherubs that decorated the face of the balcony.  This one had fallen off and had broken in two.  The photo is the center piece of this work.  It is a 24"x24" canvas gallery wrap set in a handmade faux-stone frame.  The artifact at the bottom is a piece of the Lyric's decorative molding which was replaced during the renovation.  This is not just an intriguing photo, it's a tangible piece of the theater.

Overall size is 31"x31".  Price $650.  (Two of these were made)

1950 Dodge DeSoto

Recently I found an old ca. 1950 Dodge DeSoto decaying away in the woods of north Georgia.  I just loved the detail in the hood ornament and knew something could be done with it.  As luck would have it, just a few weeks later I stumbled across a wheel cover for sale with the same emblem of Hernando DeSoto embossed on it.  The idea was born and the piece came together.

The frame is handmade of wood and large bolts and painted with a special paint infused with iron filings so that when activated it actually rusts.  The image is a 36"x24" gallery wrapped canvas and the wheel cover is a vintage 15" DeSoto original.

The overall dimension is 47"x35".  Price is $850.

Green Tree in a Window Frame

A dormant tree in the snow of winter photographed near Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains is mounted in an antique and unique window frame.  The image is a highly stylized photo printed on canvas.  The antique window frame has no glass to enhance the canvas image texture and retains its original paint and patina.

Approximately 34"x42"  Price: $2,000.

Foggy Road

The basis of this photo was made early one foggy morning on a dirt road in Shelby County, Alabama.  Digitally enhance and printed on canvas this image has been lightly hand tinted with oils and mounted in an old reclaimed window frame.

Overall dimension is 32"X20"       Price: $350  SOLD

Flat Top Road Bridge

The Old Flat Top Road Bridge was replaced by a new bridge a few hundred feet away over forty years ago.  No cars have traveled this bridge in decades by the legend of a man's untimely death remains connected with it.  According to which legend one hears, a man was either lynched on this bridge or he hanged himself.  Either way his ghost reportedly still walks the bridge at night.

The image is 24"x16" and is printed on metallic paper.  It floats about an inch above the frame which is clad in galvanized steel.

Overall dimension is 28"x20".   Price : $350

B-17 Cockpit (SOLD)

This 1945 B-17, the Nine-O-Nine, is still flying.  The image here is a black and white view of the empty cockpit with a cloudy sky printed directly on brushed aluminum.  The frame is clad in sheet metal and all is held together with silver hex-head screws.  The overall dimension of this piece is approximately 52"x38".


Night Views City Federal Building with Lights On

City Federal Building in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  One unique thing about this photograph is that all the lights are on in the building, this never happens in real life.  The image is 48"x32" and is printed directly on brushed aluminum.  The aluminum gives the image a rustic and iridescent quality.  The image floats above its frame which has a stone or concrete texture.

The overall size is approximately 52"x38".

Price is $950.00

Vulcan with Lightning Strike

Birmingham's iconic iron statue with brooding skies and lightning strike is digitally enhance and printed directly on brushed aluminum to give it a mystical iridescent feel.  The image measures 48"x32" and is held in place with blue hex-head screws.  

The overall dimension is approximately 56"x40".  SOLD